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Play Area Maintenance & Installation

Barge Group: The ‘go to company’ for repairs to play equipment, trim trails, play towers and outdoor gyms.

Since 2004 we have been installing and maintaining outdoor play equipment for Schools and Local Authorities, and have built up a reputation as the company that can.

“Since we started using Barge, our repair costs have almost halved in the last 2 years and the service we receive surpasses all previous contractors, even the manufacturers." Site Manager, Gravesend


There are 3 levels of inspection as dictated by BS EN 1176, BS EN 1177 and BS EN 16630 for outdoor play equipment.

Annual, operational and routine inspections are so important in keeping your play areas in good condition, but most of all, safe! It is a legal requirement, and a requirement of most insurance companies, that play areas and outdoor play equipment are inspected by a trained RPII inspector. This is to ensure that all equipment meets the stringent standards required to keep children safe whilst they play.

All inspections are undertaken by fully qualified accredited inspectors from within Barge Group. This removes the need to go to an independent inspector, saving you time and money.


All outdoor play and exercise equipment will require some level of ongoing maintenance, and will sadly one day give in to the elements or vandalism requiring repair work to be carried out.

Our highly experienced operatives will attend your site to repair all types of equipment, from a wide range of manufacturers. Where we are not able to maintain onsite or immediately, we will make the equipment and the local area safe, until repairs can be carried out.

We work with all of the main manufacturers to ensure that we have the widest range of replacement parts available to us. Further to this our workshop is fully equipped to manufacture custom parts in the case of obsolete equipment of manufacturers no longer trading. Common replacement items are as follows;

  • Timber legs
  • Rope work
  • Climbing nets
  • Chains
  • Floor plates
  • Climbing ramps / slopes
  • Bridges
Essential Safety Features

Play areas and play equipment are made up of many components, many of which are classed as, and form essential safety features. Barge Group can maintain, repair and install these critical systems to keep your play area and equipment, safe and usable. Drawing from a wide range of suppliers, including the main manufacturers, we are able to source the right part every time. Essential safety features include;

  • Self closing gates
  • Infant cradle seat straps
  • Moving part and finger trap covers
  • Safety chains and systems
  • Shock absorbers and braking systems

With an ever increasing need for positive exercise, outdoor play equipment and outdoor gyms are becoming ever more popular. With a wide range of outdoor play equipment and outdoor gyms available, our Project Managers are able to advise you on a best fit for your site and your intended use / users.

Being an independent installer, means if you need a slide from one manufacturer, a trim trail from another and a swing set from a third, we can install all of them at the same time without you needing to contact all 3 manufacturers!

All new equipment will be installed to meet the stringent requirements of BS EN 1176, BS EN 1177 and BS EN 16630 by our own skilled installers who are all DBS checked to ensure full safeguarding whilst on your site.

Outdoor gyms are the latest and greatest way to test out both mental and physical agility whilst helping you get fit at the same time. Items range from cross trainers to bench presses to bikes. As an approved Fresh Air fitness installer, all installations come with lesson plans written by a Personal Trainer to enhance the physical education opportunities available for children.

Trim Trails are a great way to keep fit and get active for both kids and adults. We can install trim trail equipment to meet a varied difficulty and physical demand. Our trim trails test both mental and physical agility, balance and problem solving skills to get from start to finish. Trim Trail installations can include climbing walls, log walks, swinging steps and tyres, rope nets, bridges and much more.

Safety Surfacing

The immense amount of wear and tear that safety surfaces receive on a daily basis, compounded by extreme weather conditions means that in all likelihood you will require repair work to be carried out on your safety surfaces.

Whether it is shrinkage or lifting around the edge of the rubber surface, or dips and holes appearing in the middle, these are usually simple fixes, with quick turnaround times. In most cases, a new play surface installation is not required.

However, if due to equipment installation, a new safety surface is what you require, then our skilled operatives are able to this and meet the critical fall height requirements of your equipment. Other surfaces that we install include;

  • Rubber crumb / continuous wet pour
  • Rubber bark
  • Natural bark
  • Artificial grass
  • Rubber matting for grass
  • Turf
  • Tarmac
  • Concrete
Line Marking

Over time, hard surface line markings can fade or wear away. Trends also change, which means your current markings may not meet your requirements. We provide a bespoke service to install new items. We install both cold line paint as well as thermo markings, both of which come in an amazing array of colours and designs.

From initial site survey, we can ascertain your needs and construct a package of marking to suit your requirements and that fit your free space.

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